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Our Example Of A WordPress Basic Website

This is our version of a WordPress Basic website which has more features that our Starter website.  The text used on this website is for demonstration purposes only and helps to visualize were text and how much goes where.  This website will change its shape to fit small phone and tablet screens.  You can check this by visiting

The Basic website version comes with Backup which help you to download a copy of your website to your computer.
Social Icons for visitors to link you to Facebook, Google and so on.
XML Sitemaps are included which make it easier for a search engine to index your website.
You will also find and enhanced word editor to give you even more control when adding content.

Our mission is to help you to get online with a website and show you how to add extra content.  Your website also becomes central to your online presence leading to other sites such as YouTube, Facebook and any of the other hub style web services that might add value to your web presence.

WordPress has no limit to the amount of content you might wish to add, in the way of pages, photos and any other content that is important.  So once the website is setup, you are free to add content or ask us for our assistance.  Many software programmers make additional plug-in software available which helps to answer any needs that you might have to enhance your website.

Please use our Contact Form to send any questions that you might have.


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