Example of a WordPress Starter Website.

We use a special text filler through the website just to give you an idea of how some content will look like and where it goes.

Have a look around this site to get an impression of what can be included with this level of website.  Note the navigation menu along the top right with a drop down for Services which is where you can list the different services or products that you offer.  What’s New is an important part of any website as it gives you a place to keep visitors and clients up-to-date with your business.

Special features include a Contact Form that requires a password to be entered for it to be sent to you.  This helps to prevent robot scripts from filling these in for no reason.  Backups which will send you an email inviting you to download your website.  This helps in case something goes wrong with your website or hosting provider.  Also, this website should work with most mobile devices, phones, tablets etc.
Type in:
in your phone and give it a try.

Please use the Contact Form on this website to send any questions.

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Example of a starter website